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My Journey


I am Avita Fleming, the Owner and Founder of Interiornista, LLC., an advanced home staging and redesign company.  I have been awarded the HSR Certified Staging designation as well as the ASHR designation.  I have owned Interiornista since May 2011, am an international designer, and expert in staging, color, and design.  I am proud and privileged to help Realtors, sellers, military personnel, Greek and nonprofit organizations decorate their homes and events across the globe.

As a Home Stager, my goal is to help market listings by decorating with the homeowners existing furnishing and adding on-trend accessories that get buyers offline and in the door. I offer packages including photography, video, and social media marketing to help get the property sold quickly and for more money!  I am a proud member of the Real Estate Staging Association. My military background helps me provide virtual staging, designs, and consultations to people all over the world.

Decoratively Yours,

Avita Fleming, EE, HSR Stager & Redesigner

Owner/Head Designer


Your home is the runway where we blend fashion with interior décorto create beautiful dwellings!


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